This weekend:

  • I didn’t work out Thursday or Friday
  • 5 miles on the elliptical Saturday morning
  • watched my childhood best friend get married
  • proceeded to get drunk and cry about quarter-life crisis
  • woke up and had pei wei for breakfast
  • saw/talked to runner boy for the first time in a month
  • came back to school
  • went to yoga
  • did 3 miles on the elliptical

Now I’m reading a book and trying not to freak out about runner boy things and quarter-life crises.

Half marathon training starts tomorrow.

I can’t wait, I need that kind of focus in my life right now.

Bitch please with the “no upper body strength”. I am a bodybuilder-level beefcake and will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Me when my “friend” tries to say I’m weak