Happy Birthday to me!

I woke up with a hangover thanks to a few pre-birthday drinks with my brother. So there goes my plan to start my birthday with a trail run. It’s already too hot and my head hurts too much to even contemplate it.

I think I’m going to run some errands then go to the gym. Or maybe just get the gym out of the way early since I know that’ll help with the hangover feeling. We shall see.

Hope you have a lovely day <3

Man I’m tired.

I’ve worked everyday this week but Tuesday and will be working another 7 hours tomorrow.

I took a rest day today, as I had an awful migraine to the point of nausea until I left for work.

Tomorrow I’m planning on doing 3 or 4 easy miles, then 3 or 4 easy again on Sunday. We shall see when I wake up though so since I won’t be asleep before 2 tonight or tomorrow.

Good night y’all <3